Internet mailing list subscribers are persons that get bulk email messages, such as weekly or monthly newsletters. Based on the mailing list client software that’s used to manage a specific mailing list, they may have subscribed personally, expressing their permission to be included in the mailing list, or they may have been included manually. The latter suggests that they will technically receive unsolicited messages. Typically, subscribers can be managed by the mailing list moderator who can add or remove them, or they can unsubscribe manually in case they don’t wish to receive emails from now on. All subscribers will invariably get the exact same content provided that they are part of the same mailing list, but a single member will never be able to see the remaining mailing list subscribers in the "To" field of the email.

Mailing List Members in Shared Web Hosting

The full-featured Majordomo mailing list management software that comes with our shared web hosting will give you complete command over the members of any list that you set up through the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You’ll be able to include or delete mailing list members by sending an email to, so you can accomplish this from any place without even needing to sign in to the Control Panel. If you include a member manually, they will get a verification request that they have to agree to in order to become part of the list. Once they do that, they’ll receive a message with the list’s policies and features. You will also be able to see a list of all your subscribers and to see who’s getting your newsletters or any other type of periodic e-correspondence.