VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a service that permits you to bypass any restrictions by country that websites or online services may have. With this service, your Internet connection goes through a third-party hosting machine, so you connect only to it and each and every website that you open is accessed using the server Internet protocol address, making it a proxy. As your true IP or location are never revealed, using a VPN will also increase your security when you access any content online because it will appear that the VPN hosting machine is the one opening an internet site, for instance, and not you directly. In this way you could access content which is restricted either by the provider that offers it or by your Internet provider. We provide you with Virtual private network access through several locations worldwide as an element of all of our web hosting packages and if your internet sites are accommodated on our hosting machines, you could employ this service without paying anything on top of the hosting fee.

VPN Traffic in Shared Web Hosting

You can find the Virtual private network settings which you will need to use in your client inside the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all of our shared web hosting packages. Within the same section you could also see all hosting machines we have worldwide, so you could choose the one you need and whenever you access any online content, it'll look as if you're in the United States, Canada, Europe, and so on. We keep including hosting machines from different locations on a regular basis to offer you as much freedom to browse online content as possible. For your convenience, we have also added a VPN filter, which blocks advertisements and other images. This shall allow you to load sites much quicker without spending traffic on content you don't need. Via our Virtual private network service you'll be able to effortlessly access social networks, streaming services, blogs and any other information that might not be available within your country or is blocked by your Internet provider for whatever reason.

VPN Traffic in VPS Hosting

The VPN service is available as standard with all Linux VPS hosting which are installed with the Hepsia Control Panel. The section dedicated to this feature shall give you the information which you have to type in in your VPN client in order to be able to connect with one of the servers which we've got around the globe and as an added bonus, you can take advantage of the Virtual private network filter, which will increase your browsing speed by compressing pictures and blocking undesirable ads. We keep expanding the list of servers constantly, so you could pick one that will suit your needs best and with just a couple of mouse clicks you can hide your real location and appear as if you are in New York or Amsterdam. This service shallprovide you with the freedom to access any online content including streaming services that are available only in specific countries or social networks that are blocked for one reason or another within your own country.